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              Laurie Grace Wood​​

          ​ Dancer, Choreographer, Pilates Practitioner, Creative Entrepreneur 

Creative Renegade Coaching

Ordained Minister, Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Master, Creative Entrepreneur, Dancer, Writer, Choreographer, Crafter, Artist

Creative Renegade Coaching sessions are designed to support, guide, educate, awaken, and inspire clients to become emotionally honest and embracive about their creative gifts, talents, and joys, to learn how to pursue their dreams one step at a time, to clear and forgive the past, and to raise their energetic vibrations so they can attract all that they need to fulfill the life they were meant to live.

Why the words Creative and Renegade?

Creative - the inspiration to develop original ideas that have been received through spiritual listening that ignites joy in the heart of the receiver.

Renegade - someone who defies convention and follows their own path.

Open your mind and heart and recover your truth.

Creative Renegade Coaching will help you...

- embrace your worth

- improve the quality of your thoughts

- develop your talents

- clean up damaging beliefs and patterns

- heal, release, and forgive past trauma and grief

- develop baby steps to move forward

- create joyful money avenues

- heal past money shame and poor beliefs

- integrate spiritual practices into daily life

- improve loving communication with yourself and others

- heal resentment in relationships

- increase your joy-factor levels

- empower your body and health

- maintain the practice of inner peace

When a client is willing to heal their lower vibrational frequencies and heal old beliefs about themselves, their higher vibrations will rise and allow them to attract the life, love, health, creativity, and prosperity that they truly desire.

Creative Renegade Coaching is NOT meant to diagnose or cure any mental or physical disorders that are under medical care. It is meant to simply offer spiritual support through Affirmative Prayer to assist in improving one's state of mind and energetic vibrations, which can have a powerful positive impact on one's overall life experience.

My own traumatic and dramatic life experiences have given me lots of reasons, lessons, awakenings, and wisdoms to help me offer support, love, and compassion to others. I know intimately the details, levels, and courage it takes to have a deep, heart-level, cellular healing process. It is NOT easy, but once to the other side of full forgiveness, life really does get better in every way!

I have survived, forgiven, learned, and thrived from having lived through...

*Child abuse and abandonment

*Dysfunctional Family System


*Loss of Parents

*Debt and Bankruptcy

*Addiction in Relationships

*Family Addictions

*Loss of Love

*Broken Heartedness

*Not Having Children

*Chronic Pain


*Body Image Issues

*Depression and Anxiety

*Deep Accumulated Grief

*Moving 36+ Times

*Moving Across Country

*Re-Creating Careers

*The Entertainment Business

*Being a Creative Entrepreneur

*Menopause Transformation

*Being a Professional Dancer

*Being an Artist and Choreographer

*Being a Healing Artist

Laurie's training and areas of expertise include...

- deservability issues

- childhood traumas and abuse

- honoring natural artistic talents

- creating joyful avenues for money to flow

- spiritual and mental practices for every day living

- affordable choices for healthy and simple living

- universal laws of energy

- creative entrepreneurship

- business skills

- healing arts and entertainment careers

- love and communication in relationships

- depression and anxiety

- co-dependency and addiction

- family dysfunction

- 12-step and other support groups

- physical and emotional pain cycles

- extreme self-care practices

Creative Renegade Coaching sessions are 60-minutes in length and are held at Estes Park Yoga or out in Nature.

Individual Coaching session - $75

Couples Coaching session - $95

Payment is cash or check only.

24-hour notice of cancellation is required.

Please contact Laurie for an appointment.


[email protected]